The “Signal Shield Case” for your phone

The multi-functional “Signal Shield Case” blocks radiation and signals coming to your mobile phone.
It allows you to hold conversations that are not listened to by any security agency or listening device in your country!

Most people think that when they turn off their mobile phone outsiders can no longer use it as a listening device.
This is incorrect!
In order to disable your phone completely you need it covered by the anti-signal and anti-radiation cloth that is inside this case.

When your phone is in this case/pouch you can not be reached.
Those who contact you will receive a message that you are out of range or that your phone has been turned off.
But functions like alarm still works, that means no radiation around your head wile you sleep!

This case is multiple-purpose, as the anti-radiation cloth helps to:

  • Limit the health damage caused by phone radiation

  • Protect the magnetic strip of ID cards, credit cards and others and avoid magnetism loss and loss of data. Your personal data is being stored on many cards by means of an RFID chip. This RFID technology enables wireless data transmission, however that also means that personal data can be scanned from a distance. Risks such as theft of electronic data, identity theft or payment fraud can be the result. The best way to avoid this is to use our pouch. (RFID = Radio-frequency identification)