Energy-saving infrared АОХ heaters

Why infrared heaters economical ?

1. AOX heaters heated floor and walls , and they in turn give off heat to the room. This principle of heating saves 40%.

2 . When heated space heaters AOX all items accumulate heat , then switches off when heated objects give off heat ,
     it gives additional savings of 10-15%.

3 . Room temperature control switch off energy-saving heaters AOX AOX in achieving a comfortable temperature.
     When the temperature decreases by 1 degree , your additional savings of 5%.
     When one understands that it is already hot and bother to unplug heaters, indoor temperature can be 5 degrees more,
     hence the room thermostat AOX saves you 15-25%.


Additional benefits of your heaters AOX :
- Quickly heat any room.
- Ideal for rooms with ceiling heights from 2 to 20 meters.
- Do not dry the air .
- Do not take up useful space , as mounted on the ceiling.
- It can be controlled via SMS by GSM thermostat.
- Wide range of applications : Heating domestic and industrial premises , heated outdoor areas , steps , conveyors , painted parts, etc.

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